The Church isn’t a club to join, but membership is still important. When you become a member of a church, it means that you’re committing to a kind of relationship that isn’t very different from being part of a family. When you’re a part of a family, you have people to depend on, and you’re a person that others in the family can trust and depend on as well. The best kinds of families stick together even when there are disagreements or things get uncomfortable. They talk to each other when there is conflict, and they make adjustments to maintain connection. The Bible teaches us that community is an important human need, and the church should be a loving, life-giving community for those who are a part of it, but especially for those who are not. Come to a membership class to find out more about Sojourn and to see if it is the place where you can put down some roots to grow in Christ and in relationships with others on the same journey.