About Our Team

Craig Krueger

Lead Pastor: Right before college I experienced deep spiritual hunger.  Over the next year I experienced God as my father, forgiveness from Jesus, and the power and friendship of the Holy Spirit.   Wow! I came to the University of Minnesota to get a degree, and receive not only the degree, but the training in really doing ministry and being the body of Christ on campus.  I was hooked!  I encountered transformational relationships, I was trained, and sent to Mankato State to begin a student ministry.  After returning to restart the student ministry at the U of M, I met my beautiful wife Michele who was radically transformed by Jesus and his community.  Love, marriage, and eight children later revealed my Catholic roots run deep!  We have been having fun teaching the Word of God, healing the broken, and helping young couples find the joy of marriage as servants of Christ!
When not digging in the Word or chasing my kids, I can be found hiking (preferably along Lake Superior), fishing (with my kids- Join us!), reading or drinking coffee (dark roast!) with friends.

Sarah Frank

Sarah is one of the Admins at Sojourn. In addition to admin Sarah is a Stay At Home Mom to her two little girls. At Sojourn she helps keep the calendar and life organized. If you have any questions you can always reach out by email to Sarah and she will either answer them or connect you with someone who can answer them!

Sarah is very passionate about prayer and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. She is also passionate about helping out those who are in need and helping organize Sojourn events that help reach out to those in our community in need!

You can always reach Sarah at Contact@sojourncampuschurch.net

Ameido Amevor

Campus Ministry Leader: Ameido is passionate about helping young adults such as students and non-students build spiritual maturity on their identity as beloved sons and daughters of God. She also loves identifying key people, call out their potential; dream, plan and partner with them to start an endeavor that will help end poverty in their community or simply stimulate human flourishing.

Ameido is a graduate with a Masters of Public Policy from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. She enjoys building intergenerational and cross-cultural teams that will influence all areas of life. Feel free to contact her at ameido16@gmail.com

Mike Wang

Elder:  Mike Wang and his wife Iris are members of Sojourn since 2001. The 4 focus areas he feels led to contribute at Sojourn are: corporate prayer, encouragement, evangelism, and strategic ministry structures.  He is also excited to invest in existing leaders and emerging leaders as a mean to fruitful multiplication in ministry.  Mike Wang likes to play chess, read, and swim during his off time. Mike, Iris and his three children Derek, Sarah, and Eleanor live in New Brighton.


Heather Fulk

Worship Pastor:  Heather is one of the primary worship leaders at Sojourn.  She is passionate about seeing the Kingdom released through worship.  Seeing people encounter God’s Presence,  Love, and  Grace is of primary importance for Heather.  She believes that in that place, people are transformed to walk out a full, powerful life.  Heather is a graduate of Evangel University and has been leading worship for close to 15 years.  She divides her time between leading worship at Sojourn, taking care of three beautiful girls and one baby boy, and travelling to various parts of the world teaching others about God’s heart for them and worship.

If you want to connect with Heather to talk more about her heart for worship or getting involved on the Sojourn worship team, feel free to email her at heather@sojourncampuschurch.net.

Cody Frank

Admin: I manage day to day operations, web, marketing, and content design with my wife Sarah.

Keith Lokkesmoe

Elder:  Keith is an Elder and Missions Committee Chairman at Sojourn.  His heart is to reach out to the broken and rejected and offer them God’s hope and love in practical ways.  He is actively mentoring several men and has responsibilities for Missions, Biblical Justice Issues, and Organizational development.  Keith is a Child Advocate for Compassion International and desires to help connect Christians in America with those in the developing countries through a variety of strategies and events.  He has been a part of Sojourn Campus Church for over 30 years after graduating from the Univ of Minnesota with a degree in Chemical Engineering, and he has been married to his wonderful & lovely wife, Alane, for 29 years.  Keith and Alane highly value the relationships our church has with a variety of people:  Students, Singles, Families, Children, Americans, and Internationals.  Keith enjoys Mocha Moolates and Minnesota summers:  biking, hiking, camping, and wakeboarding.

Mike Newland

Worship Pastor:  Mike is one of the primary worship leaders at Sojourn Campus Church. He is passionate about raising up prophetic worshipers and worship leaders who release the Father’s heart and advance the Kingdom through worship, both in the local church and abroad. Mike has taught about worship in Canada and Romania, among other places.

In addition to worship and music, Mike is also passionate about prayer, restoration ministry, and sushi! He desires to see the sexually and relationally broken healed and restored and made whole through the transformative power of God’s love, Christian community,and the power of the Word. Listen to Mike sharing his personal story on our resources page.  Email: mike@sojourncampuschurch.net

Elisa Newland

Community Life Director: Personal Ministry Goal: To equip and support the Sojourn Community to have assurance of faith, identify their natural talents, and through that be launched to reach those around them. (Romans 8:14-16; I Corn 12:7-11; Mark 16:15)

Elisa and her husband, Jeremy,  have been married since 2012, reside in the south metro, and in 2016 welcomed their daughter.  Elisa was born in Minneapolis and raised in Minnesota, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. She graduated with a BA in Business from Bethel College (Indiana). She enjoys cooking, traveling, new restaurants, sports, and time with family and friends.