What to Expect:

We realize there are many different ways churches and individuals worship. In light of this, these are some values that guide our Sunday worship times at Sojourn:

Structure is not the antithesis of Spirit-led worship, but rather the two go hand-in-hand. Structure helps provide consistency and a safe environment that helps people engage with God in worship. However, we break outside of the structure as the Spirit leads and as is appropriate for our corporate time of worship.

We recognize that God honors and values leadership. Our worship leaders aim to lead the congregation in a unified direction under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We encourage spontaneous songs that are meant for the whole congregation to be led by our worship leaders. As spontaneous song builds, the worship team will support that to communicate that direction to the whole congregation. This serves to reduce confusion and to help the entire congregation remain engaged throughout the worship time.

We seek to foster an environment where people are able to freely express their passion in worship through their mind, body, and emotions. Our worship is not forced or contrived but becomes our natural response to God’s revelation of Himself to us. We provide ample room in the back of the sanctuary for expressions of worship that require more space than our seating area can accommodate.

We are transformed as we gaze upon the glory of the Lord (2 Cor. 3:18).   We acquire God’s heart. We welcome God’s presence into our city, paving the way for the Gospel to go forth, accompanied by the power of God, furthering the rule and reign of His kingdom.


Worship is a very individual experience. Many have had very meaningful experiences in certain styles of worship expression. This results in us associating that style of worship as “good worship.” When a diverse group with different experiences comes together, each may have a different experience of that “good worship”: quiet or loud, structured or less structured. We seek to grow in a worship experience together where there is genuine encounter with the Holy Spirit, and structured and facilitated for the security and benefit of those less familiar with the moving of the Holy Spirit. We value graciousness toward each other’s differences!

We believe God’s Spirit is actively moving in our midst every time we gather for worship, and we seek to give Him room to lead our corporate worship times. In our times of worship, we express our heart cry as well as minister God’s word for the moment through prayer or spontaneous song. Frequently toward the end of sung worship, we will pause to give room for prayer, prophetic gifts, and Scripture.