Our Vision

We are a church who want to see our community spiritually alive: people loving and serving Jesus; students from all over the world, finding their purpose, and serving Jesus wherever their lives take them.


We value…

Grace-Filled Identity

Knowing who we really are “in Christ” is a critically important truth to understand, and this truth will propel us to freedom and security.  Most people today base their identity on their jobs, their looks, possesions, or their so-called “success” in life.  God wants us to be fully convinced of our true identity as his sons and daughters, chosen by him and loved completely.   What this means is a deep understanding and conviction that we are significant, we are accepted, and that we are secure — not just because someone says so, but because God created us, sent his Son to die for us, and offers Himself to us daily as a loving Father.  Many people today come from broken families where the concept of a loving father or mother are perhaps foreign concepts.  Our church stands ready to love people back to health and to help them transform the feelings of worthlessness into a deep conviction of significance.


Transformational Relationships

You weren’t intended to live your life in isolation, and this is especially true when it comes to living out your faith.  At Sojourn, we value relationships because we know that God uses our connections and interactions with other people to transform us into the people he created us to be.  This value is expressed in our authenticity with one another.  When you have committed and trusting relationships, you don’t have to pretend that life is perfect when it isn’t.  Instead, we share what is really going on in our lives and experience support and healing.  Through these relationships, we are able to call out one another’s gifting and help each other see God’s purpose for our lives.  We encourage one another to live out the dreams God has given us.  We also make time to get together in one another’s homes throughout the week, gathered around a shared mission of becoming more like Jesus and inviting others to join us on the journey


Missional Community

Discovering our gifts and passions will then allow us to take the next step — reaching out to a broken world and actually making a difference.  We see our Church Body as a launching pad for people who want to take the love of Christ and share it in practical ways – in our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our campuses, and to the four corners of the earth.  We believe that each person has unique giftings that God can use to touch others, whether that be helping to feed the hungry, giving shelter and hope to the orphan, expressing truth through the arts, or sharing the good news of Jesus to our neighbors.  We organise and send out teams to local campuses, connect with non-profits to sponsor children in need, and set up missions trips to foreign countries to share the love of God.   Let us help you discover your place in this exciting endeavor, whether it be supporting financially, praying for fruitfullness, or being part of a team.  There is nothing more fulfilling than giving hope, truth, food, and care to someone in need.